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Alien Gear Inside the Wasit Band Holsters (thoughts anyone)

cyclical 02.04.2020, 22:45

Anyone have any experience with this brand? Need to finish my paperwork for my concealed carry license here in the state of Texass :)
ocbaud 02.04.2020, 22:48
They look nice. I need to get a tuckable holster for my g42 sometime and i might just get one of those.
Thanks for the heads up!
jdholley 02.04.2020, 23:46
have a cloak tuck 2.0 for my carry gun, no issues with it.
cyclical 02.04.2020, 23:56

Originally Posted by jdholley:

have a cloak tuck 2.0 for my carry gun, no issues with it.

good to know
squeak 02.04.2020, 23:58
They are good quality and you can't beat the price for buying two at a time.

I like their interchangeable belt clips that allows you choose your style. (J clips, c clips, metal/plastic etc)

I appendix carry a m&p shield with a custom made kaidex(sp) holster. I found carrying at 5 o'clock was difficult to manage and conceal as anytime I bent over, the gun would stick out or untuck my shirt (or if my shirt was untucked it would come out from under it.)

Sitting down was not as comfortable carrying appendix but I've learned to make a slight adjustment just before sitting to where it's comfortable. I'm 5'10 195 with minimal gut but I have just enough that it does pinch me from time to time.

Not that you wanted all that info but I always found others experience with different holsters to be useful for me to judge what I wanted rather than dumping the money and finding out I didn't like a style or location.
69fastback 03.04.2020, 02:36
I have the cloak tuck 2.0 and it's good for the money. The neoprene is comfortable, and it works well for the money.
hatch 03.04.2020, 12:07
Ive got a couole of them i like them i did not opt for the 2.0 instead i got black leather holster. I would buy it again if i were needing another, super comfortable for me i had tried many other owb hoslters but they are good for the money plus you can get other shells.
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