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Shop recommendations: 03 Cobra Engine Rebuild

SAVAGE 26.03.2020, 07:00
Topic pretty much sums it up.
Don't mind traveling or waiting in line - but would obviously like it done sooner rather than later.

SAVAGE 26.03.2020, 09:48
Opps, guess I should have used the search button first.
Called HPP - looks like I'll be taking her in next week... this should be fun nod (the mods, not the bill)
baron 27.03.2020, 03:25
henson racing engines in yukon does work and is very well priced.
SAVAGE 27.03.2020, 07:35

Originally Posted by baron:

henson racing engines in yukon does work and is very well priced.

Thanks buddy... I'll go ahead and check 'em out this weekend (since it now looks like I have a little time to do so).

Called HPP again today and it looks like we had a little miss-communication.... they though I was just wanting the heads done and were out of the car already. When they found out today that I was needing to get a rebuild and was going to drop off the vehicle, well - I'm booked to drop the car off July 13th. Lot of time between now and then, but honestly - I haven't read or heard one bad thing about HPP, so I'm really more inclined to wait then rush into something else. It's the wife's cobra anyway - so I gotta know 100% that when it comes out of the shop - it's right.

All good though - she may not know it now, but I'm damn curious to see what a stock 03 will run with just HCI done, and no blower mods. Since the heads are comming off anyway - might as well prep her for the big blower. Can't afford that mod right now, nor fixing the IRS so I can't get too crazy.

Regradless, I already have her talked into the cam part... the rest she doesn't really need to know about wink2.
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