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I've just decided I'm changing my wheels....

DEEZ-67 25.03.2020, 23:36
This video my not be safe for your work. hitit NSFW

jdholley 26.03.2020, 00:32
Yes please!
DEEZ-67 26.03.2020, 01:18
Yeah... like I said I'm sold
916Timmy 26.03.2020, 02:07
Where were the wheels in the video??? LOL
aliaszero 26.03.2020, 05:50
yeah no kidding. I saw about 2 seconds of wheels and that was it. They look like the new HRE wheels they have out for the 2015. I'm thinking about velgen vmb8 wheels for my 2013.
aliaszero 26.03.2020, 05:54
Kuma 26.03.2020, 10:48
I like my friend's Verdes better.
orangeRcode 30.03.2020, 04:11
The wheels are nice. The spokesmodel is yummy.
DEEZ-67 30.03.2020, 23:33

Originally Posted by orangeRcode:

The wheels are nice. The spokesmodel is yummy.

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