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Bought another Mustang

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MurderedHatch 17.03.2020, 12:52

Originally Posted by vandy09:

nick tally 4******7

mustang1200 17.03.2020, 20:57

Originally Posted by orangeRcode:

No, I sold it about 6 years ago. Bought my wife a new car and paid off our 2nd mortgage. Miss that car...

the mex 17.03.2020, 21:30
Looks like my buddies daughters car that goes to ou.did it come from the mustang area?
orangeRcode 17.03.2020, 21:52

Originally Posted by the mex:

Looks like my buddies daughters car that goes to ou.did it come from the mustang area?

I wish. I was working nights when I saw the ad on CL. Went and picked it up Saturday afternoon in Ada. I got about 2 hours of sleep that day. It was worth it to see the look on her face.

I don't know about you other dads but my girls have always seem to be able to smile and get dad to do things for them. :D
StreakerOk 18.03.2020, 02:06
Oooo ya my girls know how to get me to give in to them.

Sent from my SPH-L710 using Tapatalk
Jefro 18.03.2020, 03:32

Originally Posted by orangeRcode:

Here's a pic right after we bought the car. The bumper plate was the first thing removed when I got home.

cyclical 22.03.2020, 10:28
nice! starting her off right
orangeRcode 23.03.2020, 06:33
Had Nick do the tint today and it looks great! Thanks for the referral.
JesStang 23.03.2020, 20:52
Good job, dad! :)

Too bad it slowed down when you removed the OU. :P
DEEZ-67 24.03.2020, 00:15
You can never have to many in the family.
black96stanggt 24.03.2020, 11:06
I am also a site sponsor and could have tinted it
baron 27.03.2020, 03:34

Originally Posted by orangeRcode:

My boy turns 12 this week. He's already talking about finding a mustang we can work on together for him. I'm thinking a Fox with a BBC would be a good dad/son project and awesome first car for 16 year old boy.

orangeRcode 27.03.2020, 07:05
Latest mods. LED tails, 3rd brake light and new pony emblem.

Included a before and after pic for your perusal...actually it's an after and before pic due to how I uploaded the pics.
My wife says it's too much black. I think they look great and my daughter loves them so I guess I did okay.
baron 27.03.2020, 07:12
ebay special? look good
orangeRcode 27.03.2020, 10:19

Originally Posted by baron:

ebay special? look good

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