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Few track vids of the coyote.

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trevnut 09.03.2020, 03:29
Thanks 10seclx and billbobaggins for the video footage.




broke again 09.03.2020, 08:36
getting it done!! bet the weather was just about perfect
Blitzkrieg 09.03.2020, 10:02
Looks good Trevor!
aliaszero 09.03.2020, 11:10
Good runs. What are your mods now?
10seclx 09.03.2020, 11:38
Your car sounds great and runs even better!!!!
Brian Felder 09.03.2020, 20:05
Nice man. You know anything about why it has a brief laydown after the 1-2 shift on every pass? Edit: roughly 1/3 of the way into second to be more exact.
aliaszero 10.03.2020, 00:05
it's almost like a bog down. My car does the same thing sometimes on hard passes. I always thought it was something in the tune. Like torque limiting or something.
DEEZ-67 10.03.2020, 00:11
looking good man... What is it's best 1/4 time? stickpoke
trevnut 10.03.2020, 00:42
DA was 750' on best pass of the night. The DA did get better but the car developed a hiccup right at launch and was slowing the 60' a .1 so it could have been even better.

The rpm drop is the converter locking in second gear. Working on getting it to lock sooner.
aliaszero 10.03.2020, 03:49
That makes sense. Mine is probably the same thing. I was wondering if an aluminum one piece drive shaft would help.
sleepercoupe 10.03.2020, 07:16
Tighten the plates up bit? Looked nice. I have no idea what I'm talking about.
10seclx 10.03.2020, 09:12

Originally Posted by sleepercoupe:

Tighten the plates up bit? Looked nice. I have no idea what I'm talking about.

No I think your on to something here. Add a wedge to the left rear and put a match set of tires on. I saw that on days of thunder lastnight and it worked really well
baron 27.03.2020, 03:51
mine will be an auto car
10seclx 27.03.2020, 10:03

Originally Posted by baron:

mine will be an auto car

trevnut 27.03.2020, 22:26
We be draggin that stick car you got all day Ralphie!!
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