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my brother "98GT"

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97black4V 20.11.2019, 04:18
Some of u may know my brother James "98GT". Well 2 weeks ago he went to the ER where he ended up having a massive stroke. He was rush to St. Anthony's in okc, where they did an mri and found that the stroke was in the brain stem. As of right now all he can do is open his eyes and blink for yes and no. He is slowly starting to breath on his own again. Doctors did say he moved his left shoulder as well. But things are gonna be tough and he has a long road ahead.

Just wanted everyone that prayer to keep him in your prayers and hope he make some recovery from this.
Jefro 20.11.2019, 04:38
Done. Hope he gets better
69fastback 20.11.2019, 04:40
Holy crap. Thoughts and prayers to James and family.
DEEZ-67 20.11.2019, 04:46

Let him know we are thinking of him.
10seclx 20.11.2019, 04:46
Wow!!!! I'm sorry to hear it will indeed be a long road. Keep strong and let him know we are all pulling for him.
97black4V 20.11.2019, 04:56
Thanks guys, and hes only 37 is the scary part. Life can change in the blink of an eye.
snacksnack 20.11.2019, 04:56
Sorry to hear about that, Strokes are no joke.
mustang1200 20.11.2019, 05:07
That's crazy. I'm sorry to hear that. You guys are in our thoughts.
flip4eva83 20.11.2019, 08:06
Sorry to hear about your brother man. Prayers!
Desi 20.11.2019, 08:32
Thoughts & prayers are with you & you family.
trevnut 20.11.2019, 11:12
Sorry to hear man. Prayers sent!
orangeRcode 20.11.2019, 11:57
Hope he makes a speedy recovery.
hotrodkid05 20.11.2019, 12:28
Hate to hear that Jeron. I'll keep your bother and family in my prayers.
97black4V 20.11.2019, 12:28
If any kinda recovery they say it will take years and years there expecting him to be in a icu long term facility for minium of a year
circletrack5.0 20.11.2019, 12:47
wow.....that is just devastating. sad to hear. prayers to him and his family.

i'm a little confused. did he go the ER because of the stroke or did he go for another reason and had the stroke while there being treated for something else? either way, a horrible turn of events.
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