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my brother "98GT"

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97black4V 28.11.2019, 14:57

if anyone can lend a dallor or 2. He has a long road ahead, abd we cant even get into social secuirty till febuary and his bills at home are stacking up
97black4V 31.03.2020, 11:08
After 5 months he is home still a long road ahead but finally home. Still working in speach and walking
92BlackGT 31.03.2020, 15:19
I'm glad he's doing better!
Jefro 31.03.2020, 21:41
That's great!!
BlueStangGT 31.03.2020, 21:48
Good to hear that things are progressing!
JesStang 31.03.2020, 21:49
Good to hear. tup
orangeRcode 01.04.2020, 01:14
Keep on fighting. He will get there. God Speed on his recovery.
cyclical 02.04.2020, 22:43
That is good news!
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