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shop for leaf hangar replacement?

Blue'03SVT 30.09.2019, 11:38
While fighting with replacing a rear brake cylinder on my 96 Bronco, I saw that the driver's side rear leaf spring hangar if basically rusted away. I don't want to deal/fight with the frame rivets, etc. Anyone know o a good shop near Edmond that can deal with this?
Aerocoupe 03.10.2019, 22:39
City Spring is who we used many moon ago but I think they are no longer in the business. This one is in Claremore .... and this one is up in Kansas .... but I would think they could get you something in a day or two. Have you called around to the salvage yards?

Relentless 03.10.2019, 22:48
It's really not that big of a deal if you have a grinder, some decent drill bits and a 2lb sledge, sometimes I just drill them all the way out. Grind a flat spot on the head of the rivet, mark it with a punch and drill a hole in it, then grind the head off and then drill it out with increasingly bigger bits. If you REALLY just don't want to do it then just about any shop should be able to help you.
MeyersTravisL 18.10.2019, 07:13
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