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Need some 8.8 axle welding done, anyone in Okc or tulsa with proper jigs?

tobuyitright 24.06.2019, 07:12
Going to have an 8.8 cut down and the 9" ends that will support sn95 rear disc and tubes welded. Was wondering if anyone in the state has the proper line up bars and jigs to do this. If any shops you know of can perform this please let me know.

joshgn 24.06.2019, 07:23
Steve Hager in OKC 4******8...he has a jig and everything
broke again 24.06.2019, 09:08
i have a buddy in owasso that has jig also. Andy's hotrod and fabrication. 9******0. super fast turnaround time.
tobuyitright 24.06.2019, 14:06
Perfect thanks I will get ahold of them.
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