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Fox body chassis question

flyinlw 03.06.2019, 12:00
I bought a set of Competition Engineering frame connectors and was looking at them. They are very thin wall tubing and seem light weight. I know the sheet metal body they will be welded to is thin also but I'm considering just replacing the full length uni body frame from front to rear with 11ga box tubing so I will have a solid foundation for my cage. It won't be that much more work with my plasma cutter. Then considering the upper and lower torque box kits before adding front UPR K - member and front & rear coil over kits. Wanted to get other opinions and suggestions before starting. This is my first Fox Body and it will be a Street Car with both dual turbos and a Nitrous fogger. I have a full chassis fab and machine shop at home and a full chassis drag car now. Wanting to drive this one and throw slicks on from time to time and lay down very good numbers. I'd appreciate thoughts and suggestions.
olds442 03.06.2019, 19:09
Ive been 5.40s 1/8 mile in my white gt with just sub frame connectors and battle boxes on rear with 10 point cage welded to plates on floor 1.27 60ft on back tires
Wolfe racecraft has some really nice subframe connectors
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