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Recommendation for lowered alignment.

SunnyD 01.03.2019, 04:17
So hey everyone, just got my Ground Control Coilovers in today, and will probably install them today, tomorrow, or this weekend(Whenever I feel I have adequate time) and am wondering if anyone has an recommendations on somewhere that specializes in aligning lowered cars/would be willing to technically do 2 alignments for me in that they would set the alignment to in spec while also marking for my road racing application, so that while at the track I can just push them where they need to be.
DD setting of -1.5º Camber, ZERO toe, and +7.0ºish Caster, and for road racing, 3.0º camber, -0.10 toe out and +7.0º Caster is my idea at least.
SunnyD 01.03.2019, 04:39
Also live in the Northern part of OKC up by lake hefner, but work on Tinker, so anywhere in that area would be great.
Jefro 01.03.2019, 04:52
I had Ralph (10seclx) do mine. He is at the Hibdon's at Danforth and Kelly in Edmond. I bought some paint pens to mark my camber and castor for my daily and my track settings
01turbowolf 01.03.2019, 22:36
i did my own, but he is probably a better choice our alignment machine is set up high so boards on top of boards to get on the rack out here
DasHengst 01.03.2019, 23:21
Mustang alignment
DasHengst 01.03.2019, 23:21
Or Merle's
zaner 13.03.2019, 18:10
I second the Mustang Alignment suggestion-

Mustang Alignment
224 W State Highway 152, Mustang, OK 73064
(405) 3******4
SunnyD 14.03.2019, 16:48
I ended up using Ralph(10seclx) at Hibdon's he did a great job, and was cheap as hell, got 3 alignments for the price of one.
Would recommend!
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