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Excessive brake dust and squeaking from Hawk HPS pads?

FiveLeeter 12.01.2019, 05:12
Hey guys. I bought a set of Hawk HPS pads last month to start breaking in for when I do some autocross this year. Also did Russell SS lines at the same time. I decided on the HPS pads because they were supposed to be quiet and low brake dust while still giving a good bite and good on both the track and the street.

Did the install about a month ago, and I must say, the brake dust is overly excessive. I wash my car every Saturday, and by the time I wash again the front wheels are almost Gunmetal instead of the silver they should be. Also, the squeal is unbearable, and starts at about 1/4 pressure and continues until I come to a complete stop. Makes drive-thrus a lot of fun.

I did the proper break-in procedure according to the box, and they were quiet for a few days, then got worse. I have found that when I wash them, a TON of brake dust pours out from between the pads and the rotor, and then the brakes will be whisper quiet again for a few days.

I like the response from the pads, but don't want to have to swap back to stock for daily use.

Any tips to quiet them down? I bought some of the CRC Anti-Squeal lubricant (a clear squeeze bottle with a red gel inside), but haven't installed it yet.
10seclx 12.01.2019, 05:22
Gotta pay to play if you want great braking that's what you get.
FiveLeeter 12.01.2019, 05:24
Everyone I've talked to says their HPS pads are whisper quiet and give off very little brake dust.

Gonna have the rotors turned tomorrow, see if that helps.
Jefro 13.01.2019, 11:26
Should have turned the rotors before you slapped new pads on to bed them in
Ezekial 18.02.2019, 05:44
All performance pads are going to dust.
Do you want it eating your pad or eating the rotor?

I switched to EBC Yellowstuff. Lots of dust but good bite and no squeaks.
FiveLeeter 18.02.2019, 05:45
Had rotors turned, dust is now very minimal as is squeaking.
red94cobra 18.02.2019, 12:22
You're welcome haha
Blue'03SVT 18.02.2019, 19:40
Did you put the red anti squeak stuff on the back of the pads?
FiveLeeter 18.02.2019, 21:41
yes I did. But did it when I reassembled the rotors so not sure if it actually helped or if the rotors did.
Blue'03SVT 19.02.2019, 08:01
Something on the back of the pads is a must with every pad change for me. The metal to metal contact between the pad backing plate and the caliper WILL result in squeaking without it.
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