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Suspension Upgrade ?'s

dtm'11GT 27.09.2018, 11:04
Alright, so after the upteenth suspension thread posted, and hours of searching through the forums, pouring over the suspension articles,
I have come to a few conclusions/decisions about what I "want" from my ride, and I would like help from the experienced and knowledgeable in this category, because I originally came from an SN95 and all I knew about at that was lowering springs and upper/lower control arms, haha.

So to start off, I want to make it ABSOLUTELY clear, that I have no intention to come off as a dick or know-it-all in any of my posts.
That being said, here are my goals for my setup.
50% show/50% Go(road course)/100% Daily Driven.
So just to specify, I want this car to look good, as well as functional on the track (Hallett Motor Racing Ciruit is where I will be frequenting.)
But even more importantly, needs to be able to be Daily Driven.
I've included a track map of Hallett to show what kind of abuse the car is going to be put through.
Attachment 67998

Now that I've set the scene(Car shows, track days one weekend a month, Daily Driving everyday.) I'd like to move in to the options I am considering.

So for wheels/tires, I am planning on using my stockers (18x8.5), and am totally open to suggestions on the tires, (NT01's are about all I know of for a road radial, LOL) So any education is welcome here.
I don't want to spend a fortune on road tires/radials, but I do want something that is a dedicated road radial/tire as I will never drive on the street on them.

As for Brakes, I planned on going with Hawk Plus brake pads, for a good balance between trackability and streetability. If anyone else wants to chime in on this, I'd welcome any other suggestions.
And for information purposes, I am on stock GT brakes 13.2 and have no intention of dropping the coin to upgrade the brakes nor do I think I will need them per Whiskey's guidance(Thanks for taking that chip off my shoulder Whiskey, haha)

Now on the the bread and butter:
Suspension SetupI'd like opinions and as much factual information as possible to help me make the best decision for my money and car.
So far from the reading that I have done, I've come to the conclusion that I want to do
A) Airlift Performance Suspension - (Would love reviews, input, tips/tricks from any users out there!)
Most people are not a fan of air, but this is my most favorable setup just for the fact that it balances show and go SO well. But regardless, I am open to all of the listed setups as well as any othersWith a BMR adjustable Panhard bar
Shown here: ....
B) Coilover setup, such as Fortune Auto(the greens everyone knows of, but doesn't know the name)Shown .... or
AST adjustable Montube Damper "coilover" shown here: ....
either setup with BMR PHB
C) Koni Yellows w/ BMR springs, Vorschlag Caster/Camber Plates, and a BMR PHB

So, like I said, I welcome all questions, suggestions, comments, concerns, I'd also like this thread to serve as an information source to anyone else with the same goals as me.
...aaannd Go!
DasHengst 27.09.2018, 11:27
performance friction brakes, you can get them at some orielys. fortune autos, hoosier a6s... done and btw good scene setting
Mr. Red Pony 27.09.2018, 11:27
Talk to this guy. He has a bunch of threads with tons of helpful info. Shoot him a msg.

Jazzer the Cat on

dtm'11GT 27.09.2018, 12:06

Originally Posted by DasHengst:

performance friction brakes, you can get them at some orielys. fortune autos, hoosier a6s... done and btw good scene setting

Turns out I was turned on to some rather disturbing failure posts and pictures of the Fortune Autos... not saying I'm complete drawn away from their product.. just not as willing now.
And I thought you'd like the scene setting lmao.
DasHengst 27.09.2018, 12:47
links to posts?
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