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gt40p heads

steeda 14.10.2017, 11:41
I needed to know if I could put my stock rocket arms on my gt40p heads and also I have a f303 cam and wanted to know if I needed to get new springs.....can I use the ones on my stock go motors because the springs are new
Mike 14.10.2017, 11:44
You shouldn't do that.. Get some 1.6 rr's and new springs.
asohagan 14.10.2017, 11:45
Those are all compatible. Just dont run 1.7 rockers on that cam with thise springs. They will coil bind
steeda 14.10.2017, 11:46
But the springs are new are they interchangeable
steeda 14.10.2017, 11:47
What best for the cam
steeda 14.10.2017, 11:48
asohagan 14.10.2017, 11:49
Pm sent
Racer X 14.10.2017, 15:14
Pics of rocket arms?
asohagan 15.10.2017, 01:28
Like ironman has
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