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what guages do i need for a procharger?

Lokota 27.06.2017, 09:51
gonna start to gather parts for a pro charger what guages would i need?
EskimoJosh 27.06.2017, 10:15
I'd recommend a tach... Other than that. You should be fine.

imajeenyas 27.06.2017, 10:29
\Fuel pressure/
Third Honk 27.06.2017, 10:31
Wideband A/F, it's the most important gauge you'll own
imajeenyas 27.06.2017, 10:38

Originally Posted by Third Honk:

Wideband A/F, it's the most important gauge you'll own

...and that
jrhaden 27.06.2017, 12:43
5in monster boost gauge
ARMORINE 28.06.2017, 00:31
wideband. its your best friend
Silver 28.06.2017, 01:07
gas gauge
91TurboCoupe 28.06.2017, 01:30
Wideband for sure. They've gotten to be cheap enough there's no reason to go without one
BASixxer 28.06.2017, 01:45
Wideband A/F, Fuel Pressure, Oil Pressure
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