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coolant leak

faust 19.08.2016, 01:49
okay i have a coolant leak on my wifes 03 gt. i am positive its the intake and i can see a lil coolant around
the t stat and the rear spark plug well on the drivers side was full of coolant. however my wife took it in and they did a pressure test at a local shop and he is telling her he thinks it a freeze plug in the rear of the engine. said he used a bore scope and intake was dry. i think he didnt pull the thermostat when doing the pressure test and i aint paying for a guess muchless to drop the tranny to find out. i thing
k its leaking down the valley and out the drain out the back of the valley and out the bell housing. i am going to buy a new intake and change it out do you good folks agree with my thinking? heater hose nipple is fine and all heater hose are good
Jefro 19.08.2016, 01:58
That much coolant you should be able to clean it up and then let the car run and see where it is coming from.
faust 19.08.2016, 02:01
that the thing i can really find it lol i have looked and looked just can't tell for sure
Jefro 19.08.2016, 02:04
Does your oil look fine?
faust 19.08.2016, 02:05
yes and no bubbling in the radiator. no smoke of any color in the exhaust
Jefro 19.08.2016, 02:12
Hit up Trevor (Trevnut) on here. He has a shop and might be able to look at it. That's one of those things where you need to actually see it IMO.
faust 19.08.2016, 02:13
however i can see it driping out the back of the motor between bellhousing and engine one drip every 30 seconds or so
clip-clop 19.08.2016, 14:44
i had the exact same problem on my 01 gt, it was the intake. its hard to see the location of the leak, but pull the intake and you should see a crack in the rear of the intake. its not difficult to remove the intake and it will make diag easier if happens to not be the intake, however this problem is very common g/l.
faust 20.08.2016, 00:52
well i started tear down this morn. i found the leak back side of the t stat housing. once i had the alt and tb off i squeezed the radiator house and heard it suck air. grabbed my light and there it was. fuckin idiot did a real good job on the pressure test. as soon as my wife gets back i'll finish the tear down as i left my fuel line tool in my car. thanks peeps
rfcsoulja 20.08.2016, 01:08
I had to replace the intake on my brothers gt because the plastic around the thermostat had cracked. Bought a new one from autozone that has metal around that area. Its a fairly common problem from what I hear.
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