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460 shutting off

1finesdime 18.07.2016, 12:08
I got a 79 460 and I can start it usually but it dies for no reason its like you just turn off the switch sometimes it will start right back and run form a second or 5 minutes but I keeps dying its getting fuel and compression I just don't know electrically where to start. Any ideas
jwtimme 18.07.2016, 12:27
check the coil sometimes they get hot and die, the pick up in the dizzy will act like that too. the pick up in my brand new msd went bad after 500 miles fought that thing for two years $30 part and hasent missed a lick since.
1finesdime 18.07.2016, 12:33
Thanks a bunch ill get on that tomorrow. Its on my hay truck and I gotta move some hay and moving hay on a 4 wheeler is more difficult than one would think.
Relentless 18.07.2016, 13:06
Check and see if the ignition switch on the steering column looks like it's coming apart or has melted at all
Jefro 18.07.2016, 23:55
Hey do you know the guy in your avatar?
1finesdime 22.07.2016, 22:13
I used too but its been a long time
Mr. Ranchero 23.07.2016, 01:05
x2 on the ignition switch. I'd start looking at it.
1finesdime 27.07.2016, 04:56
so replaced the ignition switch and same thing
went on to replace the cap and bug and ignition coil still having issue.
ISSUE IS NOW i get spark to the distributor but not to the plug wires. this i thought for sure would be the cap and rotor but it wasnt.
I have a replacement pickup coil but do i have to pull the distributor to replace it. also I noticed that if you grab the gear looking thing that the pickup coil gets it timing off of it will rotate about a 1/8th of a turn by hand. is this normal? when you let it go it goes back to resting position like its spring loaded. I havent worked on many fords and this whole damn thing has me all clusterfu**ed.
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