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Troubleshooting Clutch Cable and quadrant problems

stripstreet87 30.06.2016, 20:38
My 87 clutch pedal gets sticky, it feels like the cable is rubbing real hard against the plastic at the end of the cable but no signs of wear. You push it down and let up about half way and it sticks. Hard to push back down. I adjusted it then it worked great but 2 weeks later its sticking again. Adjustment not helping now. This is a new BBK cable and quad 4 years ago. What the hell is going on? cussing

Any help is appreciated
trevnut 30.06.2016, 21:15
lube it up, might be stretched and time for a new one.
stripstreet87 04.07.2016, 00:25
Cable was showing signs of ware at the top. I was able to take it loose and squirt some gear lube inside the cable then pack the end with a little grease and that seem to do it.

Thanks trevnut
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