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well bought another mustang yesterday

honda1wheel 18.02.2016, 12:17
its a 93 triple white feature mustang. ill post some pics tomorrow of it. i guess there was only 1056 made with the auto. so i guess pretty rare plus it was a one owner car with 128,000 miles. needs a new top but i only gave 1000 dollars for it and it runs good.
jose85 18.02.2016, 12:38
sweet its a 5.0
honda1wheel 18.02.2016, 12:47
yea all the feature cars were 5.0's
363efi 18.02.2016, 13:11
Sweet man, sounds like you got a good deal!
honda1wheel 18.02.2016, 19:53
yea i thought the paint was gone but my brother brought over his buffer and the paint is starting to shine so lloks like i can save it. and the white interior was pretty dirty but its almost looking new again. ive never had a convertable so will see if i like it.
honda1wheel 18.02.2016, 19:58
heres a quick pic before i gotta go to work still alot more detailing to go on it.

pacettr 18.02.2016, 23:27
Looks a little rough but you definitely stole it. Congrats on the purchase and good luck with the resto.
Voltron 19.02.2016, 05:15
bigchief215 19.02.2016, 07:04
great buy! congrats
oneslowfox 19.02.2016, 07:53
Looks good! Why the hell would the previous owner put wheel weights on the outside of the rim? Too me it looks awful.
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