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Will a 302 S-trim bolt up to a 351W? Combo Advice?

policeman50 15.10.2015, 14:22
Ok guys... I have been out of the game for a loooong time now. So.. with that said if I ask some stupid questions through the course of this build I will apologize upfront.

As to todays question. I'm just looking to see if my S-trim setup for my 302 will bolt directly up to a 351W and wondering if any any modifications may need to be done to do so. I am wanting to run full A/C and power steering. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Just looking to stay with a small block and not really looking too heavily on any type of stroker setup. Just like the thought of the increased strength the block of a 351 has to offer vs the 5******0 hp restrictions of a 302 block separating. The S-trim setup that I have has three different pullies. Not sure yet as to the estimated boost to be made but I would guess between 9-12.

Which ever engine I go with I am going to be running TFS 170 heads, TFS Street Heat Intake, TFS Stage 1 cam, all accessories minus smog and clutch fan. Just looking to build a crazy fun 5 speed street car.
FoMoCo1 15.10.2015, 14:42
it will work but you have to modify the main bracket.

IMO, i would do a stock shortblock, f cam, tfs heads and intake with the s-trim.
it will be plenty of fun for you
policeman50 15.10.2015, 14:49

Why the F-cam over the TFS Stage 1?
policeman50 15.10.2015, 14:51
Mods.......Sorry this post was accidentally posted here instead of the 5.0 pushrod forum. Could someone please move it there?
Racer X 15.10.2015, 15:16
Clint has a life goal to convert all fox bodies to F cam combos.
policeman50 15.10.2015, 15:18
Lol.... Hey I can't really complain. I know a lot of guys rag on the FMS Letter cams but the F-cam has always been good to me. Just kind of like the idea of running a matching set of TFS parts. What is your opinion John?

Did you end up taking the LE job? If so where did you get hired?
mustangracer84 15.10.2015, 16:09
You have to consider a couple things, a n-a cam is not a good turbo/supercharger cam. Also consider the larger the displacement of the engine, the more cam it needs. The tfr stg1 cam is decent in a 302, but a 351 would make it pretty tame.
ttfox 15.10.2015, 16:15
the f cam and e cam are good for boosted apps
ttfox 15.10.2015, 16:16
im happy with my e cam
baron 15.10.2015, 16:27
if you're gonna go boosted call anderson ford motorsport..
baron 15.10.2015, 16:27
Clint has a life goal to convert all fox bodies to F cam combos.

FoMoCo1 15.10.2015, 17:14
Clint has a life goal to convert all fox bodies to F cam combos.

policeman50 16.10.2015, 01:11
Can't say i've ever been much of a fan of an e cam. Of course when I had it I didn't have much motor and was running an aod. (First motor ever)
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