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I really need some help

mustangracer84 30.09.2015, 05:49
I'm trying to install a set of power seats from a bullitt mustang into my father's '95 cobra, and I'm a little stuck. The original '95 cobra power seat mechanism is shot, so I want to use the bullitt seat and power seat mechanism. The '95 cobra chassis has a 2 pin connector to supply the power mechanism with 12v, and the bullitt seat has a four pin connector. I realize that the bullitt seat has the seat belt attached to the seat frame where as the '95 cobra has the seat belt attached to the chassis, so I'm assuming that two of those wires are to control the seatbelt light, however I don't know which wires does what. I'm planning on just using the stock '95 cobra seatbelt so I just have a couple questions to clear things up:

1) can I simply unbolt the seatbelt from the bullitt seat, cut the wires and only use two of the wires of the 4pin bullitt connector to supply power to the rest of the power mechanisim?

2) what are the four wires on the bullitt connector?

3) how do I wire this up?

4) is there anything else I'm simply "missing"?
jrhaden 30.09.2015, 05:55
If you can, get a plug out of a donor car and wire it into the cobra. Find a diagram to show which ones are your power and ground on the seat and the car, then just hook it up with the plugs or splice them or just touch wires together until it works and use some butt connectors.
mustangracer84 30.09.2015, 06:02
I've got the donor plugs available from the stock '95 cobra seat to adapt it to the chassis, and I've even got a four plug connector on the stock '95 cobra seat frame as well, I just don't have the wiring diagram. I'm handy with the heatshrink tubing and soldering iron, so I'm wanting to do this all up on the bench, as I don't want to risk burning out the switch.
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