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c_money007 07.07.2015, 07:03
My bro-in-law's '99 Mustang V6 is overheating when he is in stop and go traffic with the A/C on. I asked him if you turn the A/C off does it still overheat and he said he never tried it doh This is all from him telling me on the phone so Im going to drive it sometime this week to see what is really going, but I was just wanting to know if someone has gone through this before and might know what it is.
c_money007 12.07.2015, 07:21
Ok I drove it. The a/c starts blowing hot air when you stop, but blows cold when you get going again. Anyone had problems like this?
imajeenyas 12.07.2015, 09:15
The cooling fan isn't working. We fix them all the time. Same complaints
vandy9303 12.07.2015, 11:10
id take his advice.......hes a jeenyas!
c_money007 12.07.2015, 11:18
can i use my fan out of my 94 GT or does it have to be a 99 6 banger fan? they look about the same...
asohagan 12.07.2015, 12:25
the 94 fan should work fine
imajeenyas 12.07.2015, 22:34
I know the 94 and 99 use different fan assemblies. You may be able to make it work though. If you find you need a 99 fan, i have one i can bring with me to tulsa tonight.

Turn the fan should come on any time the AC is on. If not, check to make sure there is power to the fan.
If there is power, then obviously the fan is bad. If there is no power it could be the CCRM.
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