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Brenspeed Or Bama

tims06GT 18.03.2015, 02:33
Guys i am getting ready to purchase a SCT chip for my 06 mustang gt....I need to know which custom tuner would be better....Bama or Brenspeed. Anyone have an opinion, i will be purchasing within the next week just wanted some answers.
jbt21479 18.03.2015, 02:43
Only have experience with Brenspeed. I have been really happy with them so far. No problems and the tunes have been really nice for a "canned" tune. Also have great customer service.
pacettr 18.03.2015, 03:06
Bama sold his business to American Muscle, now called Bamatuning by American Muscle IIRC. Doug is a great tuner and they offer tunes for life, although I am not sure how the new company will handle things.


FWIW I got a tune from Doug "on the side" through one of my techs, and I still received an e-mail from AM that said I was still eligible for their tunes for life program.

Have heard alot of good things about Brenspeed.
Tims2002GT 18.03.2015, 06:36
I use Brenspeed also. Before I installed my LT's, my tunes were spot on. After the LT's, they run a little lean, but I can correct that with my handheld. Overall, I am very happy with their service.
tims06GT 18.03.2015, 06:42
yeah i saw that on american muscle, but both of them will offer tunes for life through email, i know these chips do ALOT for an automatic does anyone have experience on one with a 5-speed, does is still make a huge difference?
pacettr 18.03.2015, 07:09
tims06GT 19.03.2015, 03:55
awesome, thanks for the input guys, ill be ordering the brenspeed tune later this week
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