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Stupid car

08S281AF 25.12.2014, 14:10
So I decided to finally do a compression test on my 90 GT. Ever since I bought it it has not had any ballz and has been blowing oil out of the valve cover and blowing the PCV out of the back of the block. Yeah, I should have checked it out better before buying it, cause I got screwed. Anyway, cyl 1 had 110 PSI and cyl 4 had 60 psi.......ouch I didnt even go any further after that. Time for an engine thumbsdownthumbsdownthumbsdown
pacettr 25.12.2014, 14:26
What are you looking to put in it?

At least it's easy to work on.
87_Mustang_GT 31.12.2014, 12:28
Just cause one cylinder is low as hell doesnt mean new engine. First put some oil in the cylinder and run another test on just that cylinder to see what it does. If that doesnt work you probably have bad rings or valve problems.
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