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Trouble with 97 gt and pcu????

jboice06 21.12.2014, 08:59
To start off its a 1997 gt stang 5.4 lightning motor... car ran fine neighbor tried to jump it now it wont start... itll power on and everything but hazards blink lights flash off and on in car theft light blinks guages light up and when you try to start it it locks the freaking door.... heres the catch.... neighbor criss crossed the cables so not sure what he did but now my running project is tweaking out.... i pulled the ecu in the car thinking maybe code p1260 theft light from pats but when i pull the ecu in the kick panel the car still does the same thing... is there a general control module that might be screwed up or toast???all fuses are good what the hell is going on here any insight????? this car is going file 13 if it dont start doing more in my favor
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