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car will run good till it get under a load?

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okhatch 23.12.2014, 13:06
Did you get the distributor stabbed back in right? Was it doing this before you pulled the distributor?
randy87hatch 23.12.2014, 13:27
yea i got back in right. It was doing the same exact same thing. I noticed the TFI had a crack so i just replaced it hoping for a easy fix.
randy87hatch 24.12.2014, 13:50
Well guys i checked my coil and msd box. IT is doin the same thing running stock ignition. Any ideas now?
jrhaden 24.12.2014, 13:58
IT could be the CPU
randy87hatch 25.12.2014, 01:47
What is the cpu and where is it located?
jrhaden 25.12.2014, 02:36
The computer and its in the passanger side kick panel.
randy87hatch 25.12.2014, 03:42
yea i already tried that. I pulled the computer outta my buddies car and tried it. I put a stock fuel regulator on it and i have 24# injectors is that fine?
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