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car will run good till it get under a load?

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jrhaden 19.12.2014, 06:36
My old hatch would run like a sob up to about 3k and cut out all the way to 4300ish after that it would clear up again, drove perfect as long as you kept it under 3. Pulled the msd, ran perfect.
65f1005.8 19.12.2014, 06:53
one way to test the tfi, computer and stuff is to pull the spout connector and time it about 16 degrees and if it runs good, well maybe not great but ok, then you have narrowed it and the coil, cap, rotor, wires, plugs are good. then comes the fun part, ecu, tfi, wiring, crank position, msd.

free and easy and better then throwing parts at it.
randy87hatch 19.12.2014, 06:59
Yes very true. Ive threw plenty at it. I was jus checking it out and realized the msd box is mounted straight to the fender. Theres no rubber mounts there? That can cause them to go bad?
65f1005.8 19.12.2014, 07:10
msd says it can
randy87hatch 19.12.2014, 07:15
I could see that. There has to be some reason for them including the rubber mounts.
randy87hatch 20.12.2014, 06:55
Where is the tfi located and what does it control??? thanks
8URSRT 20.12.2014, 08:42
its attached to the distributor. Held on by two screws. You need a special bit to get them off. Not exactly sure what it does, I know its a critical part of the ignition system.
randy87hatch 20.12.2014, 09:37
dang thats what i was afraid off. Ive replaced it because mine was cracked when i got the car, i just pulled the distributer and stuck a new one and put the electrical grease on there. my car runs better and loses the hesitation when its warm. but pops when your in it over 1/4 throttle or so
okhatch 20.12.2014, 10:20
you pulled the distributor out? where did you get the new one from? how long since you replaced it?

The TFI (Thick Film Ignition) module is what controls the spark output to the distributor
93reefnotch 20.12.2014, 11:22
Everybody talkin bout know a really lean air fuel mix will lean pop through the intake. whats fuel pressure. try and unplug the 02 sensors and go drive it and see if it helps..
skippy 20.12.2014, 11:27
Or clean the maf
93reefnotch 20.12.2014, 11:28
x2 i just noticed it was mass air
randy87hatch 20.12.2014, 18:45
i just pulled the distributer out to replace the TFI. Ive also unpluugged the o2s and got nothing. its a pretty big pop. When i replaced my injectors the was unburnt gas that had been popped back up through the intake. I cleaned the maf and put a new plug because mine was busted. fuel wise ive got new 24lb injectors, regulator and filter. Its running pretty lean and loading up. Thanks for the advise so far, Im always down to try anything new to get her going.
James97cobra 21.12.2014, 11:38
I had this problem once, never could figure it out. Finally I got so damn frustrated with it that I said fuck it and parted it out.
randy87hatch 22.12.2014, 15:03
Yea i hear you there. I like the car to much and dont have that much in it so im gonna spend the time and money on this one
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