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Engine Prep

c_money007 16.11.2014, 13:42
What have you done to prep the block for painting. Its not a show car just trying to clean up the engine bay a little.... thanks
jrhaden 16.11.2014, 13:51
Clean it and scotch brite it.
c_money007 16.11.2014, 15:24
clean it with degreaser or something else
jrhaden 16.11.2014, 20:58
65f1005.8 17.11.2014, 03:10
powder tide and water, works wonders and doesn't leave any reidue. wet it down, throw the powder tide on and let it soak for a little bit then take a stiff bruch, i use a tire brush, and scrub it down, hose it off, and repeat. take a paint scraper to any grim to thick. i use tide to clean blocks for assembly, clean engines to diagnose old leaks, and clean parts before i paint them.

simple green isn't to bad either
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