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Bought my wife another Mustang for christmas!

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Roush 03.11.2014, 03:41
hey guys,
well wife was crying about wanting another mustang, and who am i to her NO? thats music to my ears! so around the first of Nov. we took in tade an nice clean 94 Mustang GT (coupe). and i fell in love soon as i seen it. the owner was very picky so knew this was a good one.
anyway to make a long story short i bought it 1 day after we got, and my wife has no clue its hers. its been parked at the dealership for almost a month now and still dont plan to bring it home untill X-mas. might park it on the showroom floor with a big red bow tup
(Rule of thumb guys "always make momma happy")

1994 Mustang GT (coupe)
172k miles on body (new engine was added in 2003)
auto trans (rebuilt)
black inter.
crystal white
3 owners
* non-smokers, ash-tray and lighter never used*

and yes mods are coming soon!

so far i bought,....

front light covers
rear light covers
17" black & chrome cobra rims
Jeremiah 03.11.2014, 03:45
Looks like a clean car!
c1500 03.11.2014, 04:32
Lower it and tint it...Nice car!
snacksnack 03.11.2014, 04:38
looks good but light covers tsk
1poorracer 03.11.2014, 04:55
if you don't mind me asking, how much did you give for it?
white04svt 03.11.2014, 06:01
Looks good. I'm sure she'll be surprised when she gets it
stephslilpony 03.11.2014, 06:36
tell her congrats!
1Bad04 03.11.2014, 07:06
if you don't mind me asking, how much did you give for it?

Ezekial 03.11.2014, 09:22
Very nice steed.

Sorry to say, I completely disagree with your mod list. I would ditch the black cobras, and keep the wheels that are on it. I would also throw those light covers in the trash, unless you can return them, cause I don't think anyone else would buy them off ya. Instead, I would go grab a set of China's finest clear headlights and turnsignals. Pair that up a with a ultra clear set of fog/driving lights if this steed should have them.

After that I would tint it and put a set of Motosport C springs on it, and call it a day! Maybe a chip (more for trans shift) and fairly mild exhaust down the road.

Here's my old set of China's finest clear headlights... they looked badass!
GT4U2VIEW 03.11.2014, 10:25
looks good!
black96stanggt 03.11.2014, 11:18
I agree with Ezekial. I like the car and like the 96-97 Cobra wheels on it way more than the replacements. Plus not a fan of light covers at all, I would get some crystal clear headlights and corner lights and then leave the 96-98 tails.
Roush 03.11.2014, 14:11
hey thanks guys! some points made here and i thank you guys.
my deal with light covers is cause i was thinking the car had to much white and i wanted to break some of that up, cause of the black cobra rims i had coming. plus momma likes the covers.
Jester84 03.11.2014, 23:32
Cops love the covers too lol. Nice ride!
pacettr 04.11.2014, 18:19
I'm getting in ADP in the morning and transferring it to Yukon...stickpoke
itltrot 05.11.2014, 00:04
Looks nice Mario. I'm sure she will love it. Consider tinting the tail lights instead of the covers. I had them on my old '96 and lost one side twice. irked
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