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new part for the stang.

gorillaman427 27.10.2014, 03:50
new parts


ok dumm quiston just got a set of ford raceing underdrive pullies & a the ford raceing kit to move my power stearing up to were the a.c was .dose any one know off hand what size belt i need i.m me please work night not been on as much i i would like to be thanks ..john oh its on my 88 gt with a 5.0
94fiveohvert 27.10.2014, 03:57
don't know exactly, but you can take some string and run it around all the pulleys and measure it..
Voltron 27.10.2014, 04:04
do a search on here and there is a picture floating around, shows all diff setups and all diff lengths you need.
gorillaman427 27.10.2014, 05:45
ok i looki thanks
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