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? about struts...

Tims2002GT 03.10.2014, 12:38
I am kicking around the idea of buying some Strange 10 way adjustable struts. My question is should I get some foxbody struts instead of the sn95's due to my car being lowered 1 1/2"?
Tims2002GT 04.10.2014, 02:29
What are the pros and cons of using foxbody struts as opposed to stock height sn95's?
snacksnack 04.10.2014, 02:33
Good question. Haven't heard much about this subject but I get the feeling it won't matter much one way or the other anyone
Chances50 05.10.2014, 06:15
ive heard of people doing this, im curious how well the cars ride.
jrhaden 05.10.2014, 06:19



Your welcome
javi 05.10.2014, 06:30
Btw strange 10 way struts/schocks suck:
mine didnt last not even 2 months,the had zero rebound.
i guess you get what you pay for.
8URSRT 05.10.2014, 07:51
The fox length struts will improve your ride by leaps and bounds, and adding the adjustability in, will make it even better.
squeak 07.10.2014, 00:23
I used fox struts on my lowered 98. Rode like a champ!
302Feen 08.10.2014, 07:09
I've never even heard of using FOX struts because the car is lowered. I guess you learn something new every day.
snacksnack 09.10.2014, 03:50
I've never even heard of using FOX struts because the car is lowered. I guess you learn something new every day.

I'm not sure I'm buying it. You are only lowering your car a inch and a half. Without having a shock in my hand to measure there is no way that is going to cause it to bottom out. Also are they valved differently? the sn95 is going to way more then a fox that "may be valved lighter" Also in Jacks links above some of the info contradicted itself.
stormy69 12.11.2014, 06:57
fox struts are shorter. if your sn is lowered, they are the way to go.... never used strange so cant comment, i like Koni but they are $$ kyb's work ok and are cheap.... tokicos are in the middle
Csperry84 10.05.2019, 08:10
I had to resurrect this cuz im having suspension problems myself im pretty 100% sure i need bushings all the way around sway bar ect....... My question is i have tockicos on my sn95 and it is lowered are you say fox struts would be better cuz they are shorter and if they are shorter and its already lowered will that matter cuz if they are way better i might as well get fox's while i put new buchings in just windering thanx!
Aerocoupe 05.09.2019, 04:51
If you read around on this you will find that the SN95 struts are about 1" longer in the body than the Fox struts. When you put the struts side by side and compress them they compress the same distance so the only difference in the overall length of the two struts is the SN95 strut body being 1" longer. This makes sense sense as the SN95 spindle strut mounting location is 1" lower than the Fox spindle strut mounting location.

Taking all of that into account if you install a Fox strut on a lowered SN95 car the Fox strut will allow the suspension to compress 1" further before the strut bottoms out due to the Fox strut body being 1" shorter. Hope that helps.

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