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this dude had to drop a load!

the mex 14.01.2014, 13:34
and prolly does everynight when he thinks about how close he came.i would retire.

RAZRS EDGE 14.01.2014, 13:51
Hot damn! I would have shit myself. No question.
joshgn 14.01.2014, 13:53
no driving SOB....
the mex 14.01.2014, 14:03
no driving SOB....

lol.we will call him josh for now....j/k
FoMoCo1 14.01.2014, 14:10
lol.we will call him josh for now....j/k of the year!
jrhaden 14.01.2014, 14:22
I definitely would have shat my britches.
snacksnack 14.01.2014, 14:37
Wow had to read the description to understand how he was still standing,
dbarker 14.01.2014, 15:59
i doubt id have made it over the fence. Id have shat myself and cowered in fear as i got decapitated by the car.
mowerman82 14.01.2014, 16:15
man that sucks i wish their was another angle of the guy jumping out of the way
82 GT 15.01.2014, 02:23
goddamn! and thats why ghetto roll cages arent allowed on tracks.

As for the camera man...time to go to the casino cuz he is one lucky sum bitch
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