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good spot?

logan_tefteller 05.11.2013, 13:53
looking for a good spot to take some pic of some cars in or around okctup
soon2befast 05.11.2013, 13:55
Lake on a sunset?
stangfather 05.11.2013, 14:10
baron 05.11.2013, 14:11
make sure there is grass in the background
Enigma 05.11.2013, 14:12
make sure there is green grass in the background

bone5.0 05.11.2013, 14:25
police department
99Cobradude 06.11.2013, 00:07
Top floor of a parking garage with downtown in the background?
jbt21479 06.11.2013, 00:08
Hooters with the chicks
DAN 05 06.11.2013, 00:41
XXX ranch
JesStang 06.11.2013, 00:47
Anywhere downtown really.
DAN 05 06.11.2013, 00:48
fantasy island
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