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89 Notch

stangit 29.04.2013, 11:12
I put this car up for trade or sale awhile back then took it off as I thought I was going to part it out. Well it's still together and I really need the space. So heres a copy of my old add with a few changes.

I have a 89 Notch which was a 4 cylinder car. This car is not for the average Mustang person. It has a Chevy newly rebuilt 406 cubic in carb'd motor with a front plate and a TH350. 2 speed electric fan. 5 gallon fuel cell, 4 point harness, with battery in the trunk and cut off switch. Newly painted and the body is solid but needs some body work to look great. No rust that I can see, front glass has a crack. It has a fiberglass pin on hood with a 2 inch rise. Full interior in average shape with a 4 point roll cage. Has a set of Weld slicks 26 x 10 x 15 and skinnies. Rear end is a 8.8 with 456 gears. Clear title.

I traded another car for the Notch. I had plans on making it a drag car but have since changed my mind and would like to sell it or trade for something different. Also have a parts car that can go with good body panels. Make me an offer around $4,000 or if you have something to trade please post it. Trucks or cars, you never know what I'll trade for. Please don't waste my time if you are a tire kicker. There are a couple things that need to be changed. The crank pulley needs to be replace and the transmission needs a vacuum line hooked up. Thanks you.
BlackBullitt01 29.04.2013, 11:58
pics or link to old thread?
rioredcobra 29.04.2013, 13:44
Please send pics to
tony foulks 30.04.2013, 04:14
would u sell the hood.
stangit 30.04.2013, 06:56
I don't want to part it out. I would rather sale it as a complete car. I would trade for a compact car or tuck with gas prices being like they are.
zemonic 04.05.2013, 21:29
Z284thgen 05.05.2013, 02:23
zac thats cliff from the ws6 board in case you cant get ahold of him on here
stangit 05.05.2013, 04:52
I have a sale pending. If things change I'll post it up. Thanks
delco 07.05.2013, 10:11
I Have A Truck For Trade... Call Me Now!!!! 9******7
mustangman90 13.07.2013, 07:00
send pics to thanks
flip469 14.07.2013, 00:17
Man I bought this car a while back. So it's sold.
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