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I might not make it.

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Candy 07.09.2011, 06:59
I'm pretty sure Osama Bin Laden just sat down across from me at the library. Keep an eye on the news. If the O-State library goes up, I'm a goner. :(

MaryMary 07.09.2011, 07:00
cyclical 07.09.2011, 07:00
take pic with your camera phone
JesStang 07.09.2011, 07:01
Run away!
po-po 5.0 07.09.2011, 07:02
I work with Count Dooku. Want me to send him up there to take care of it?
ugly89stang 07.09.2011, 07:02
kill the fucker lol hes got a million $'s on his head or he did?

jk laugh
Candy 07.09.2011, 07:03
Damn it, my phone is on silent but it still makes a LOUD camera-y sound when I take pictures. It's pretty obvious I just took one of him, hahaha. But I don't know how to get the pics to the computer. :(
Citrusgummibear 07.09.2011, 07:04
hahah That is freaking hilarious.
Candy 07.09.2011, 07:05
hahah That is freaking hilarious.

I had to play it off real smooth like I was just taking pictures of the computer monitor. cool doh2
MaryMary 07.09.2011, 07:06
and i'm sure it worked.

I'm pretty sure you can turn of the picture taking noise. Especially if its a nokia.
Candy 07.09.2011, 07:08
It's a Sony Ericsson Z500a.
orangeRcode 07.09.2011, 07:12
You're a trained killer. Take him out and collect the reward. I expect pics of his severed head post haste.
cyclical 07.09.2011, 07:15
po-po 5.0 07.09.2011, 07:15
Is he a sheethead?

pun totally intended
Prohibit 07.09.2011, 07:16
Email the pic to your email then go from there :)
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