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89 LX Notch

98pony 08.02.2013, 09:12
5.0 carb edlebrock 650
ratchet shifter
35 spline strange axles
8.8 diff support system
373 gears
full race spool
southside machine u & l control arms
action traction bars
weld rod lite wheels ( front skinnies )

Needs some work and rear main seal but does run. Extra AOD trans and C4 trans

Will get some pics up ASAP $3000 obo
1poorracer 08.02.2013, 09:14
any trades?
98pony 08.02.2013, 09:17
Not really, buddy is just needing the cash right now.
98pony 08.02.2013, 10:13
he is really needing this car gone so just make a reasonable (cash) offer and he shouldn't turn it down.
King Dingaling 08.02.2013, 11:03
make some reasonable pics
98pony 08.02.2013, 12:56
Here are some pics, not the best but you get the idea
baron 08.02.2013, 12:59
motor pics interior pics?
98pony 08.02.2013, 13:04
I will try to get some more pics tomorrow, I should see him.
rock 10.02.2013, 03:45
pm'd you
98pony 10.02.2013, 15:11
pm'd you

replied, hope things workout
xdieliketherest 10.02.2013, 16:29
pm me motor and interior pics please.
delco 21.02.2013, 13:09
any partial trades plus cash 86 s10 ready 4 v8 call me 4******0
98pony 25.02.2013, 15:22
sold, please close
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