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89 Notch

stangit 01.02.2013, 02:12
I was trying to add information to the other for sale thread and I messed up and locked the thread. So, I'm reporting this............

I have a 89 Notch which was a 4 cylinder car. This car is not for the average Mustang person. It has a Chevy newly rebuilt 406 cubic in carb'd motor with a front plate and a TH350. 2 speed electric fan. 5 gallon fuel cell, 4 point harness, with battery in the trunk and cut off switch. Newly painted and the body is solid but needs some body work to look great. No rust, glass is good. It has a fiberglass pin on hood with a 2 inch rise. Full interior in average shape with a 4 point roll cage. Has a set of Weld slicks 26 x 10 x 15 and skinnies. Rear end is a 8.8 with 456 gears. Clear title.

I traded another car for the Notch. I had plans on making it a drag car but have since changed my mind and would like to sell it or trade for something different. I paid over $8,000 for the car. Also have a parts car that can go with good body panels. I'll try to get some pictures up tomorrow. Make me an offer or if you have something to trade please post it. Trucks or cars, you never know what I'll trade for. Thanks you.
cobra13 01.02.2013, 02:30
Posts some pics up tightwad.......................................... .....................
stangit 01.02.2013, 09:10
Pictures are on there way.
MADHATTER 01.02.2013, 09:28
roxor .
MADHATTER 01.02.2013, 09:32
davescarbed94 01.02.2013, 10:55
Where is the car located @??? Would you be interested in an 87 GT vert. 5.0 5spd w/5lug conversion. PM me an email add. for pics.
fastass83stang 01.02.2013, 12:26
interested in the wheels wanna sell?
davescarbed94 01.02.2013, 22:19
I will send you some pics tonight when I get off work. Are you in Tulsa or OKC?
MADHATTER 02.02.2013, 04:38
PM sent
cobra13 02.02.2013, 05:09
I will send you some pics tonight when I get off work. Are you in Tulsa or OKC?

He is south of Norman in Noble......Just helping you out Doc.
Z284thgen 02.02.2013, 16:56
to much power for you cliff
stangit 03.02.2013, 01:37
to much power for you cliff
Nope, not Looks like you have a new toy. I like the truck. Let me know what it runs.dancenana dancenana dancenana
onebad5.0 03.02.2013, 16:11
That daaagum distributor looks like it's in the wrong spot for us ford nutz.
Squeezed306 05.02.2013, 10:00
x2 ^ that's a sin
stangit 07.02.2013, 08:55
I've decided to keep the car. Thanks
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