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BT carb w/ 26psi boost video inside. See Fords can make power too

King Dingaling 16.01.2013, 07:10
This guy lays down 1073hp and over 1080trq to the wheels. Stock block

Turbo's FTMFW!

we had a dyno day at our local speed shop so i decided to to put mine up there. its a stock 1******1w block half filled with a eagle cast crank. csu 750 and twin mp 70s told kevin saturday what it made we are both happy with may of put down 1100 if it wouldnt of spun the tires at higher rpm. it did 1073 hp and 1080 tq @ 26lbs all with a 67/82 jet!!
King Dingaling 16.01.2013, 07:11
If you guys can't tell Im trying to fuel the turbo craze!
itltrot 16.01.2013, 07:12
Turbo FTW.
snowman 16.01.2013, 07:12
Fuckin sweet
Phoenix 16.01.2013, 07:14
Turbo FTW.

RAZRS EDGE 16.01.2013, 07:18
Red Fox 16.01.2013, 07:37
A dyno on wheels huh? That's pretty sweet.
DAN 05 16.01.2013, 07:39
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