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FS: 2-Ton Load Leveler

FrankCastle 22.12.2012, 20:52
This is for use with an engine hoist to help balance out the engine or engine/trans when removing it from an engine bay. Used once, works excellent.

$25 FTF in the Tulsa metro area.

Looks similar to this:
FrankCastle 24.12.2012, 07:05
$20 Ftf
FrankCastle 25.12.2012, 07:43
FrankCastle 27.12.2012, 06:59
FrankCastle 29.12.2012, 05:03
FrankCastle 07.01.2013, 07:12
To The Top.
FrankCastle 16.01.2013, 23:30
$15 Ftf
06 ram 17.01.2013, 08:23
do u still have this if so call me 9******6 josh
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