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GT40P heads

DARKON 13.09.2012, 14:33
i have a pair of GT40P heads for sale.

looking for $350

the heads have NEVER been used. they were assembled and checked over by Alan at Folks machine in Norman. stainless valves. i can probably get more specific on specs if requested.

i was going to use them on my 289 but i went with a 351w instead and no one makes headers for a 64 1/2 mustang with a 351w and gt40p heads.

for pics check here. ....
JAK~47 13.09.2012, 18:32
pm sent
DARKON 14.09.2012, 23:54
bump it up bump the jam
DARKON 11.10.2012, 04:47
still for sale
DARKON 07.02.2013, 08:55
is it too soon to bump this? j/k still ready for sale. pms or aim or email
DARKON 20.02.2013, 03:29
bump, make a reasonable offer and it will be considered.

maybe trade for performance upper/lower intake manifold cam (or other goodies not fox specific) for 89 efi 351w.
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