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Painting Flames

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mowerman82 20.03.2007, 05:56
First there is many ways to do this but this is my way. I am not including the prep work because i assume that you know how to do it already. And if you have seen this truck lately half of it has been repainted and does not look as good. this was olso painted in my old garage now i have a shop to paint in wiht much better lightning and everything else.

The first step I putting down the basecoat on this truck it is green on the top and silver on the bottom

Then you need to lay out the flames I use 3/16 fine line tape and free hand them. Then tape up the flames to get ready to paint the next color.

some people like to brush on or pen strip the thin line on the edge of the flame but I like to paint on. So I put down a purple base then put another lair of tape on so that when it is taken off the purple is still their. This tape will stay on tell orange is painted on.

Then put the next color on in this case it is orange. It has some white and red high lights in it that I airbrushed on but you cant really see them in the pics.

Now you can pull all of the tape off of the flames and admire them for a minute cause you are fixing to tape parts of them up again. First you now need to check the green and the silver and fix any over sprayed spots. Then it is time for the shadows. Basically you need to figure out there you need them tape up the flame and air brush them on. I have used a paint gun for this but less consistant and more taping. but would work

Notice the goofing off that has to happen in the form of a tape ball coming my way.

Once that you fixed all the flaws it is time to clear. But first if i just cleared it now the clear wouldn't adhear to the basecoat very well and may chip off. This is do to the amount of time that it took to paint everything (the basecoat is to dry) so i put some 222s down as an adheasion promotor(basically it rewets all the paint) then put the clear on.

and finished

if their is anything that i forgot just ask me and i will post it up
1finesdime 20.03.2007, 12:18
yeah like how much would you charge to do that to a 86 coupe lol
mowerman82 20.03.2007, 13:53
just sand and shoot depending on colors around 1800. reds are more expensive and stuff with lots of pearl is more exspencive
Jester84 20.03.2007, 15:54
nice job. Good Write up! I might contact you to help me out with a few parts on my Bike that need to be matched up to the existing paint.
foxtrot 21.03.2007, 00:37
Nice work, looks great...

One tip I got from a local airbrush guy is to mix some laquer thinner in with your topcoat of clear, he dilutes his like 3%. I know it sounds dangerous, but since it's in the topcoat, it'll evaporate. It softens the basecoat after doing graphics so it can get a bite on it.

stangfather 21.03.2007, 02:24
i prefer to bury the graphics under clear..

good choice on the blue to help the orange pop.
black96stanggt 21.03.2007, 03:25
nice...wanna repaint my bumper and blend some paint on my car or just repaint it haha
mowerman82 21.03.2007, 11:51
i usually use basemaker to dilutes the clear but only on the last coat of clear because i try to bury the tape lines on the flames with the other coats
conman 23.03.2007, 15:49
Is that competiton orange?
stangfather 23.03.2007, 15:51
Is that competiton orange?

looks like a custom mix to me..
uncltodd 23.03.2007, 16:31
You should have made a video, Brudda!

Very, very nice, cautious work, impressive as hell.

5.0man 23.03.2007, 21:40
whats the price on some flames that run half way down my 01 gt. ill provide the paint only.
mowerman82 23.03.2007, 22:19
The Orange Is A Custom Mix That I Threw Together.
mowerman82 23.03.2007, 22:19
whats the price on some flames that run half way down my 01 gt. ill provide the paint only.

chainsaw 24.03.2007, 19:25
very cool
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