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Need help with if of 347 rods

anfrobodine 13.04.2015, 23:56
I wound up with a set of rods and pistons with a car I just bought. They 347 kit was apparently bought from a dh member on here some years ago. I have identified the pistons but there are markings on the rods. Anyone know what these are?
Attachment 70925Attachment 70926Attachment 70927
StreakerOk 15.04.2015, 16:13
If i remember right thay are least thats what i remember him telling me.

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anfrobodine 15.04.2015, 18:23
StreakerOk 15.04.2015, 18:45
No problem. I hope you get that thing going soon. Look forward to seeing it.

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Racer X 16.04.2015, 04:43
What brand are the pistons? Did you get a crank with it?

I sold a ton of Scat kits on this board years ago. They mainly came with Probe or KB forged pistons.
HOTWIRE405 17.04.2015, 04:10
Yes crank came with it but it has no id markings either. Has Srp dish pistons
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