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Yildiz 12 gauge

sleepercoupe 06.04.2015, 22:07
Over under spz me/12 I believe . Received in trade, gun was brand new maybe 10 rounds. I put 50 in it with no problems and cleaned/parked it.

Floating mossy oak bag, a few spread pattern deals. Perfect condition.

4******8 Blake

sleepercoupe 06.04.2015, 22:08
7108 I mean
sleepercoupe 07.04.2015, 18:56
Rex Schuler 07.04.2015, 20:41
pics ??
sleepercoupe 08.04.2015, 13:36
Don't have any ATM it literally looks exactly like the photo on academy's website mint condition. As said I only took it out once to shoot cleaned and stored it.
sleepercoupe 09.04.2015, 12:18
sleepercoupe 09.04.2015, 12:19
Bag isn't mossy oak some duck hunter thing.
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