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1986 lincoln lsc

broke again 04.04.2015, 15:44
Was saving this for a turbo project but seems like that is not happening in the foresable future. Black cat edition with black bbs mesh center wheels, excellent black leather interior not rips, tears or worn places (reason for buying was interior), runs and drives excellent. ac is original and still blows cold, air suspension perfect and no leaks. paint has issues as it was stored under a car cover but no dents, just a few small dings.


also have plenty of go fast parts if someone wanted package deal.

will be able to text pics tomorrow.
broke again 06.04.2015, 18:55
have incon turbo kit, heads, intake, injectors, etc. willing to make a great package deal for a hell of a sleeper....
sleepercoupe 08.04.2015, 14:56
Man, I need a solid daily.
broke again 08.04.2015, 15:25

Originally Posted by sleepercoupe:

Man, I need a solid daily.

still have your old number?
sleepercoupe 08.04.2015, 16:40
Nope, 8******8
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