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1996 jeep Cherokee

10seclx 02.04.2015, 00:16
4 door
Cold a/c
Green exterior
Grey interior (headliner needs replaced)
New tires on front rear are 75%
Aftermarket cd player
Has some hail damage on roof and hood
144k miles but you wouldn't know it by how well it runs.

2700 obo
Text for pics..
Racer X 03.04.2015, 02:35
4 or 6 cylinder?
10seclx 03.04.2015, 11:43
Oh yeah sorry straight 6
DEEZ-67 03.04.2015, 13:58

Originally Posted by 10seclx:

Oh yeah sorry straight 6

Can you post some pics or text them to me?

Never mind I just read the whole thing. Text coming.
10seclx 03.04.2015, 13:59

Originally Posted by DEEZ-67:

Can you post some pics or text them to me?

Yep text me your number and I'll send them to you.
10seclx 14.04.2015, 19:17
Ttt 2500 need this thing gone
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