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getting a 2000 v6

rio95 14.03.2015, 23:30
what V6 comes in those year cars? what are the best mods just to make it run/drive well?

i was thinking lowering springs, different wheels and tires.. and maybe exhaust?

any suggestions please..

orangeRcode 15.03.2015, 01:59
Depends on how much you want to spend. Cold air, headers and exhaust, aftermarket cam, or H/C/I. I have one as a DD. I just put GT wheels on it and drop-in K&N. I've put a new belt, spark plugs and wires and coil pack. It's got over 203k on it and has served me well for over 5 years. Was originally bought for my daughter but I ended up with it when I found a newer one for her. Very reliable and fun to drive car but never going to be fast.
FiveLeeter 16.03.2015, 14:38
the 99-03 Mustang had a 232ci 3.8L pushrod V6. the 2004 model bumped up to 3.9L, but was virtually unchanged.

Bought mine with 32k on the clock, sold it with 115k.

Windstar intake manifold swap, GT exhaust conversion, and suspension helped greatly.

If you want to go crazy there are places that sell cams and heads for them, plus Ortiz Performance is selling an M112 supercharger plate adapter. You can also buy a crankshaft from a 4.2L F-150 and get forged internals to make a 4.2L stroker. Plenty of these cars running around turbo'd making 600 hp.

I got mine from 190 at the crank to 230 at the wheels with a cam. Had everything for the blower which could've gotten me between 3******0.

also, these cars LOVE nitrous.
rio95 17.03.2015, 12:20
thanks for the replies.. what kind of gas mileage are you guys seeing on these cars?

FiveLeeter 17.03.2015, 14:52
I never logged... for a v6 it sucked though... maybe 200 mpt.
orangeRcode 18.03.2015, 18:00
I get around 22-23 mpg on the highway. Probably around 18-19 in town. Thats on a stock engine with over 200k miles.
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