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FS: Garage/Workshop Cabinets

RSAGT500 10.02.2020, 07:16
I put them up on craigslist check it out for details. It's easiest to edit only the one ad if anything changes. Pardon the mess, I started emptying them out today. Let me know if you're interested.


Attachment 70828
joshgn 10.02.2020, 08:57
Im interested....Would you be interested in a MAC toolbox in trade?
RSAGT500 10.02.2020, 09:18
Unfortunately I can't take anything on trade. I'm moving and the less I have to move the better.
Palmer 23.02.2020, 02:23
Still available?
RSAGT500 23.02.2020, 03:05
Yes they are.
imajeenyas 23.02.2020, 04:01
That's a good deal. Wish my shop was finished.
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