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68 deluxe coupe project

533stroker 08.02.2020, 11:33
Gonna sell one of my projects . Pretty complete 68 deluxe coupe missing rear seats only . Needs floor pans and one quarter patch . Has deluxe hood deluxe front seats and the rare tach dash . Front disc brakes and and Ac. I have a decent 302 with several new parts to go with it . Heads will need redone but shortblock is good . Has new oil pump cam nice pushrods edelbrock intake and msd dizzy. Core c4. Dead horse price $2500. Not real pretty but a good start . Tachs are $750 plus on eBay alone . Didn't want to part this car out . Has dog dish hubcaps and a 8 inch rear . Gonna be a few days before I get pics . 4******2
OkieHog 15.02.2020, 19:42
Dan, be sure to shoot me some pics on that. I really like those 68 cars. Look forward to hearing from you.
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