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1994 mustang GT 5.0/5 speed

MADHATTER 21.02.2015, 17:17
Picked up this car last week from a co-worker with a bad T5.
I bought this car with the intention of fixing it up & keeping it cause I lost all hope in my 97 GT.
The day after I bought this car I found someone to fix my 97 GT for me & I'd much rather keep my 97 with the PI swap.

Ext color - Laser red
Int color - black & grey
This car is pretty decent for a mostly stock 94 GT.
It has some bolt on's but the motor itself has not been opened up.
Guy I bought it from was driving it from Newcastle to Tinker almost daly with no problems. (Except transmission.
Body is pretty straight with the exception of a couple places. (Listed below)

Here's the negatives about the car:
Dent just behind D/S door.
Sail panel above the D/S 1/4 window is cracked.
Has a power steering leak. (Haven't located where the leak is)
Puncture in rear bumper cover. (Comes with a good non GT bumper cover)
Pass. door mirror missing.
Was told pass. window motor is bad. (That's why door panel is off in pic)
Interior needs a good cleaning. (I'll clean it up ASAP)

Here are the positives about the car:
Chrome BBK headers
BBK O/R X-pipe
Magna flow mufflers
Bigger "cobra" type brake kit with dual piston calipers.
70mm throttle body
Eibach pro springs
Pretty nice 17" Mach 1 wheels
Good 245/45/17" front tires & I'll throw in a pair of good 275/40/17's for rear.
Good T5 transmission.

I'm asking $3500 OBO.
That's all I can think of at the moment & I'll update as I can remember.
I need to get this car gone to pay back the money I had to borrow to buy this car.
If you have any questions please text me at (4******2
Thanks, Johnny

Car is currently at my buddy's shop in war acres where I'm replacing the transmission.
MADHATTER 23.02.2015, 13:41
$3000 OBO
Need this car gone so I can get some parts for my 97 & pay back a loan.
Still haven't finished installing trans, just haven't had time.
Install trans, driveshaft, exaust & you've got a good DD.
MADHATTER 04.03.2015, 17:24
Off the market.
Keeping this one.
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