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Stuck bleeder on front caliper

orangeRcode 17.02.2015, 23:08
So what's the fix for this? 10 mm box end wrench rounded it. Several tries with vise grips did no better. Sprayed with Kroil and even put a torch just a bit to try and free it up. No luck. Any tricks to try or just get a rebuilt caliper?
Jefro 18.02.2015, 01:56
Cut a slot in the top and use a screwdriver?
10seclx 18.02.2015, 02:04
jbro78 18.02.2015, 13:03
New caliper!!! Not worth fighting with.
orangeRcode 19.02.2015, 16:36

Originally Posted by jbro78:

New caliper!!! Not worth fighting with.

Winner! After trying several different methods none of which worked ended up getting a rebuilt one.
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